Kinyerezi II Thermal Power Station is a 240 MW (320,000 hp), natural gas powered, electricity generating power station in Tanzania. Ocean Business Partner (OBP) through Pietro brought the client that the client was able to install the equipment in a period the country was in deep need.

Based on the combined-cycle technology, the plant uses gas and steam to generate electricity with a potential to produce 167.82 megawatts from natural gas and 80.4 megawatts from steam. Kinyerezi II construction works follow Kinyerezi I power plant inaugurated in Q4-2015 by the Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO), which has a capacity of 150 MW and is part of a project compounded by four gas fired power plants meant to add over 1,000 MW of capacity to the national grid through a 400 KV sub-station in Kinyerezi area.