Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas are the raw and scarce materials that are developed under difficult conditions in deep remote areas. However, they are dominating almost all processes and aspects of our industrial society.

Ocean Business Partners (OBP) was tasked in facilitating the Uganda- Tanzania Crude Oil pipeline project. The crude oil, transported by the pipeline will be stored in the Terminal located on Chongoleani in Tanga bay, before being shipped and sold to other countries. The pipeline detail design, procurement and construction starts and lasts for about 36 months. The pipeline is carefully placed in the pre-dug trench or, in some cases it will require to be bored under waterways or roads by using horizontal drilling.

Quick Figures about the project :

  • 1,443km of crude oil export pipeline
  • 216Kbd export flow rate barrels per day at plateau production
  • Over 60% increase in FDI of Uganda & Tanzania during the construction phase
  • USD 3.5 Billion in investment
  • Over 500,000 tonnes of imported equipment