Providing Vital Solutions in the Oil and Gas Industry & Its Service Providers.

We Focus on helping our clients set up and run their business professionally, efficiently and conveniently. Ocean Business Partners Tanzania Ltd is an indigenous and leading cross-border advisory consultancy firm focusing on expertise in various business disciplines from Oil & Gas, Logistics, investment advisory, Business Consultancy, Risk Consultancy, Project Engineering and Finance Facilitating to name a few.

What can we
help achieve :

At OBP, we assist our clients on their key strategic issues,leveraging our deeo industry connections and expertise while using analytical rigor to help them make informed decisions. We leverage our ability to connect Government-to-Government and Business-to-Business. We are passionate about taking on immense Business challenges that matter to our clients and oten to the world as well as helping companies research, understand enter and communicate in complex foreign markets.

What is in it for you? :

  • - Ocean Business Partners is your safest bet for strategic planning, and developments in the sectors of Oil & Gas, energy & power, and transportation. With our extensive experience in the fields of economics, and engineering, we aim to provide solutions that are strategically sound, as well as profitable.
  • - Project evaluation during the early stages, ensures our clients are making the best decisions for their companies, while reducing the risks, and enhancing the profits.
  • - Our years of practical experience in the oil & gas, and power sector means, our clients benefit from our deep and comprehensive understanding of the challenges involved in different geographical and political regulatory environments around the globe.
  • - We focus on letting our clients make informed investment-based decisions in new or expanded markets, through our marketing intelligence surveys and services.
  • - Our breadth of expertise in many technical and non-technical fields enable us to work closely with a wide range of client experts and advisors.