Oil and gas upstream facilities - onshore and offshore

Being environmentally efficient and sound, is one of our major concerns while working in the Oil & Gas industry. Ocean Business Partners takes pride in continuously expanding its range of services, and offering complete design spectrum for any upstream facilities, while taking topnotch, sophisticated technological solutions side by side while at the same time ensuring it is easy on the environment.

The onshore and offshore upstream facilities comprise:

  • - Well completion
  • - Well field flow lines
  • - Gas gathering and distribution systems
  • - Processing facilities
  • - Gas field compressor stations
  • - Injection facilities for water and gas
  • - Water treatment systems for injection facilities
  • - Gas-lift compressor stations
  • - Gas dehydration facilities
  • - Desulphurization plants for sour gas and oil
  • - Treatment facilities for associated/produced water

Onshore and offshore pipeline systems

Designing and constructing oil and gas pipelines is Ocean Business Partner’s forte. We take massive pride in our engineering excellence which includes classic engineering services such as route selection, and ROW acquisition, basic and detailed design for pipelines and stations. We also aim to provide complete services to our clients which includes going though the hassle of permit acquisition under public and private law of their regions.
Ocean Business Partners has a proven record of professional expertise in the production of transient and multiphase flow conditions and of high-temperature pipelines.
Ocean Business Partner’s comprehensive package of services also comprises consultancy during the entire process – starting from the operation and rehabilitation of pipeline systems, to the modification and extension of operating permits.

The onshore and offshore pipeline systems comprise:

  • - Pipelines
  • - Distribution networks
  • - Pumping stations
  • - Compressor stations
  • - Scraper stations
  • - Pressure relief systems
  • - Valve stations

Liquefied Natural Gas terminals and peak shavers

Design and construction of terminals with high ship loading capacities, tackling with LNG constitute to a major challenge. In order for these projects to be successful, it is imperative that engineers of all disciplines work together to create an all-inclusive design that is comprehensive as well as practical.
With our years of experience, and qualified manpower, we aim to create specialized solutions for our clients in the design, construction and operation of LNG terminals and peak shavers to its full capability.

The LNG terminals and peak shavers comprise:

  • - Receiving, storage and regasification facilities for LNG.
  • - Facilities for the utilization of boil-off gas and condensates.

Operation and Maintenance

At Ocean Business Partners, we aim to provide our specialized consultancy services to support Oil & Gas production facilities, right from wellhead, to manifold – encircling the entire process of manufacturing.
We stand out for our approach to cater for “full responsibility” in terms of Oil & Gas production, including operations, maintenance, shutdowns/turnarounds, expansions and facility debottlenecking.
Through our integrated services, on-site maintenance, and project management, we bring forward production efficiency, optimization and economies of scale. Our operation and maintenance services can be executed smoothly, either on the entire facility, individual sections or specific equipment, using Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) approach.